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#IORESTOACASA – last encounter with film in quarantine. Much, much too long in the house and you do not know what to see? The editors of NapoliZON recommend

Take the period of isolation – in Campania-extends up to 14. april – due to the“emergency-Coronavirus. Much, much too long in the house and you don’t know what to do? Here is the last appointment of the week with the movies, quarantined,. NapoliZON recommends that “total strangers”, “Fast friends” and “story of a marriage”.

film in quarantineComplete strangers to recommend, Alessandra Pfaff

Of directed by Paolo Genovese, strangers, a Comedy, is rather sobering. A group of friends for a dinner in the company and decides to make a game: swap cell phone and their contents in the course of the evening. Any idea what is the impact of dramatically be: swimming, lying, betrayal, and climbing on the mirrors.

The cell phone – that’s what we are, but in these days of quarantine will be the focus of the whole story. From “black box“with our secret weapon, the all – in – smoke-or almost-in the life of the protagonist. No longer shows the movie is anything to see.

Because advises? For to reflect, to observe and to expose our hypocrisy. In addition, the scenes are to be registered, all in an environment, a home from home: the characters will be a bit of a quarantine, as we are.

Almost friends – recommended by Valentina Starace

A film by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano, is not between the different awards, even afilm in quarantine David di Donatello. The film, 2011 edition, tells of the encounter and the events, the bringing together of two men seemingly from two different worlds.

A quadriplegico aristocratic solitaire, a party, a guy, the unemployed, the exuberant character of the other. Two extremes of social, the meet and meet, the think of several times in the course of history, but, as a closer and more similar than you.

A film, available on Netflix inspired by a true story allows a reflection on the friendship about any form of discrimination and social differentiation.

“The story of a marriage” – recommended by Maria Lena Of Crescienzo

In this time, forcing us, with uncertainty of the existence and he invites us to nurture, the love on distance, it remains the refuge find, in our collateral, the emotional, in this stability, only the feelings, real knowledge give. “The story of a marriage” is the metamorphosis of a love that is strengthened will change from the form, but you will never stop to be such.

Love Charlie and Nicole, each Director and actress, is crumbling due to the competitiveness that distinguishes it from other, dell’ infidelity to him and his resentment of her. Create the divorce, the worse pulls from both. The two, like never before, you will be forced to confront, to expect, to be with one’s own emotions, and with a child it seems, only apparently, the only thing that connects them still.

“The story of a marriage” is a emotional avalanche: laughing and crying, silence and screaming, that you scraventano before the eyes of the viewer, without too many formalities. Charlie and Nicole, the excellent Adam driver and Scarlett Johansson discover, because you are in love, but don’t know how to stop doing it, in spite of everything. The film won an Oscar in 2020 as a best supporting actress Laura Dern, and received a further 5 nominations. Absolutely not to miss!

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