Natalia Barulich take the step to confirm romance with Neymar (Maluma check smoke)

Natalia Barulich published a selfie next to Neymar, and after-hours Maluma kissed a fan in public

The model and influencer Natalia Barulich has returned to the news in the last few hours after having posed in a photo with Neymar. All this in a photograph that would have made it especially damage to Maluma, that he decided to take revenge by his own hand.

Weeks after ending his relationship with the singer Maluma, Natalia Barulich has been photographed next to the brazilian star. A fact that has raised a lot of buzz in the social networks, and it could be each day closer to taking the plunge.

Natalia Barulich

Specifically, as rang a few months ago, rumors of a possible relationship between Neymar and Natalia Barulich. A fact that is not the end to confirm, but that did no more than raise a suspicion that the model and Maluma she was not in a good time.

Indeed, months later, he was officially the rupture of both. A fact that surely wanted to avoid, but finally ended up leaking to the press. Since then, the life of both has not ceased to be a paparazzi behind your back.

Neymar was the informer of the news

What surely no one could expect, is that you again Natalia Barulich decided to pose next to Neymar in a photograph. All of this, the same day that Maluma decide to kiss on a fan in full concert. A fact the less curious, that does not stop to raise even more suspicions.

Natalia Barulich

For the moment, there is not any kind of official confirmation about a possible relationship between Neymar and Natalia Barulichwhat seems clear is that both feel a great friendship and/or attraction between the two. In this way, only the time will confirm whether or not there is a relationship.