Nerea Rodriguez (Your face is familiar to me) is what has seen it all. “For this, wait for the OT”


March 27, 2020
(10:10 CET)

All Spanish citizens are confined in their homes. Some with friends, others with your pet, couple, family or alone, but no one should move from their homes. In this way fight against the coronavirus and prevents collapse of the health system. In just one day will be fulfilled the first two weeks of confinement, but there are still two other. After a long day of work all over the world want to come to your sweet home, but when you have to spend 24 hours in the already do not know where to jump in.

To fight against boredom and monotony, many people figure out how to let off steam. Many anonymous and famous have created funny videos that circulate on social networks and have stepped up to different challenges as the 10 touches with the toilet paper.

Raoul Vazquez, mate OT 2018 of Nerea Rodriguez and great friend, in addition to match together in The call, has accepted one of the challenges proposed by Susana Molina, the current partner of Cepeda and ex-Gonzalo. The young man did so and ended up wet and with very little clothing.

Susana Molina organized the contestant a yincana with different tests. A Grand Prix home. Raoul had to sing her single “Be there” with only the letter “a”, doing the choreography the same with your father and sing the theme, “Someone you loved” with Nesquik in your mouth, all the while Susana’t stop laughing for a direct Instagram.

Raoul Vazquez

Another of them, perhaps the most difficult, was to jump into the pool with ice water. The temperatures have dropped drastically due to the decrease of pollution by the landfill. Do not think twice. He removed the pants and pulled the pump. He ran out, frozen, and took off his shirt, staying only in his underwear. Quickly his mother brought him a towel to dry off. “Raoul, you are the best challenged the world”said Susana, with reference to his boldness in all the tests.