Niurka teaches from more garb transparent turning all Instagram


Niurka Marcos, better known as the Mother Niu, bragged about the beautiful figure which their baby nius, because for her to wear something so transparent to his 52 years of age is not a problem.

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Niurka is synonymous with safety, strength, boldness and beauty, something that reflects so well in his photographs, getting to be one of the “ladies” most beautiful and beloved of the shows.

In the photograph, we can see Mom Niu squatting, watching the camera intently, causing many of their fans are stunned, as it did with a face very seductive and a pose that also ended up seducing many.

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The famous dancer wrote: “I’M WATCHING you… do not hesitate ever…”, something that left a little puzzled the users who came to read it, because they are words that call attention to themselves.

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He managed to gather more than 40 thousand likes in a few hours, since it was one of the photos that were better received in these last days, although he has uploaded some very good where it shows your hot body, which he managed to the basis of exercise and dance, of course.

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Recalling that the pandemic has forced many to quedaarse in their homes, Niurka has shared as it is that spends her time, as she devotes the greater part to exercise and eat healthy, so this time we proved it with their results.

The cuban is characterized by is a woman who tells you things in your face to any person, whether a public figure or not, that is why it is also known as “The woman of scandal”. “And all of that fandom toxic walk wearing with that meme again who go around that by the way is very chistozo Lady sit down”, said mum Niu.

Niurka invites his followers to stay home and not go out, in fact it has shown that it is also an excellent mother has been able to educate their children, who, like her, are all the warriors and great people, they even instilled the love for the exercise because on several occasions they have been seen practicing together.