“O wretched man!”. Jennifer Lopez sets fire to the united States. And it is for this


March 27, 2020
(14:29 CET)

Jennifer Lopez has barely spoken about the coronavirus since the pandemic began to spread throughout the world. He has not even shown to their followers as well as are living in the confinement.

A detail that calls attention to many of his followers. Especially taking into account that JLo it has its origins in the neighborhood of the Bronx of New Yorkone of the cities most affected by the infection.

The numbers do not stop growing in the north american city and has the highest number of positive cases that have led to USA to become the country with most infected patients.

This happens JLo quarantine

In part, many have shown their indignation in the network. Especially taking into account that the maximum that has been shown of what is being their day-to-day was a video in which he appeared to be your child having a great time in the garden of his estate, in which even there was a dip in the pool.

The rest of that post has risen to the singer have been images and videos of the past. For example, documents that wears the famous dress Versace Jungle dress, or some of their concerts.

If it is true that Jennifer trying to entertain their followers by proposing challenges, but that is limited to the activity of the new yorker these days.

Rain sticks Jennifer Lopez

A moment in which it is necessary for the celebrities give the face for their fans and their nearby, but it seems that Jennifer living oblivious to everything. “Miserable”, You think of only yourself”, “What a shame of new york” or “Unfortunate” are just a few of the comments that you have dedicated.

In fact, his followers point out that neither is in New Yorkbut that would have gone to Los Angeleswhere would be the mansion that appears in the video in the post. “The rats are always the first to abandon the ship,” writes one follower, outraged.