“Oh, Cristina Pedroche what is XL!”. And teaches: Look at the picture!


March 27, 2020
(10:59 CET)

Cristina Pedroche he has acquired a new facet in the past few days. The pandemic of coronavirus has discovered a new facet of the wife of David Muñoz.

Since it declared the state of alarm, the vallecana has been giving tips from his account of Instagram to their followers on staying in shape these days, showing some simple exercises that anyone can practice in the dining room of his house.

Cristina Pedroche is passed to monitor fitness

The madrileña has passed so as to ensure that it did not matter that the call “Whale Vallecas” to be a fan of a healthy lifestyle. That which does not fit the pounds. It seems that Cristina I was not so happy with it same as I said.

Be that as it may, many of their followers are these days pending the developments recommended by Cristina. And that is, if there is one thing clear, is that the routines that you practice have given very good results to the partner Zapeando. And in the last picture that hung in his account of Instagram, you can check perfectly.

Cristina Pedroche boasts tipazo

“ICristina Pedroche what has XL!”, says a followerin reference to the snapshot that we show below. And is that in it the madrid, wears a mini top that stops to view the spectacular of your abdominal area.

Some suspect that Cristina has passed the image by Photoshop to increase the effect of your muscles. But even if they do so, it is clear that the women of Muñoz this in very good shape.

A publication in which, in addition, ruled out that among his own, someone to have the coronavirus. And is that This week they jumped off the alarms with Davidthat it revealed to have been sick during 12 days with some of the symptoms of the COVID-19at the same time that he published a photo with Cristina and ignoring the period of confinement. 14-day that experts recommend.