Omara Portuondo will give a concert online this Friday in support of the fight against the coronavirus


The renowned singer Omara Portuondo and the flutist Ethiel Failde, leader of the Orchestra Miguel Failde, will give a concert online this Friday at 4:30 pm to show your support to the fight against the coronavirus, which has already caused 67 cases on the island.

The recital, which will be held in the home of the Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club, will be broadcast on the youtube channel of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) and around 100 pages of Facebook, as well as the Channel Key and the radio station Radio Progreso.

The MINCULT, along with the radio and the television of the island, want to support the dissemination of the concerts of cuban artists who began to be carried out by various digital platforms, faced with the impossibility of be presented in cultural centers due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The first live performance transmitted by this route joint was the troubadour Eduardo Sosa last Wednesday, march 25, with the hashtags #EstamosContigo and #MúsicosporCuba.

This initiative started in the island with a concert of David White from the living room of his house on the 21st of march, which was spread by Facebook Live, the digital platform Tumturuntu Pa Your Home and the youtube channel Litle Cube Time.

In many parts of the world has spread among the artists, the practice of offering auditions on-line, before the measures that the governments have had to adopt to try and curb the outbreak of the COVID-19.

But in Cuba, where the average salary is around $ 40 a month, the high price of internet and the bad conditions of the connection make it virtually impossible for users to be able to gain access to these auditions.

On the 24th of march, the government of Cuba said that the monopoly of the telecommunications ETECSA, is the one that should decide if you can lower the rates for the services of the internet, despite numerous claims of the population. In the midst of the pandemic coronavirus, taking such action would constitute a major benefit that would mitigate the social isolation.

However, in the press conference where they addressed the issue, the response of Vladimir Regueiro Ale, first deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, was that “at this time we do not have a finding specific to this type of services in Cuba”.

“The rates of the prices of the connection to the internet, packets of data, all of these rates are decentralized its approval to the company itself (…). Of insurance are issues that are being assessed by that entity,” he added.

The population has reported that they cannot access to shows that multiple musicians are offering in the network, an initiative intended to make life more bearable for the people who are now forced to stay in their homes.

Several cuban artists have also been added to the reviews. The trumpeter Arturo Sandoval said in an interview to the magazine OnCuba that he regretted that “sometimes the cubans did not have the money to see a broadcast live”.

“Many people purchase the data package to use the basic services and may not enter just to Facebook. Therefore, although progress has been made in access to the internet, ETECSA should lower the prices for this service to be more affordable to cubans, especially at this time. This pandemic has got to stop as you have finished other serious problems and we must all help to deal with it as best as possible,” he said.

Also the singer Eme Alfonso, who gave his first concert online last march 19, underlined that the method was a way of feeling better by helping others, in particular following the postponement of the Festival Havana World Music because of the COVID-19.

“I think they should make an exception and lower the prices, since we are forced to stay at home, because the night clubs are closed. In addition, the main brake so that the cubans can gain access to these concerts is the economy, which affects the time of purchasing the data from the internet or your hours Nauta,” he said.