Patty Jenkins said no to ‘Thor: The dark world’ due to its terrible script: “it Would have seemed that it was my fault”


Taking into account what was said in his day, when the bomb exploded, it is not surprising nothing the reflection that now arises Patty Jenkins, almost a decade later. Closed the issue with the classic “it was due to creative differences” while in Hollywood stretched the outrageous rumor that in reality Jenkins, a filmmaker who at that time came from sign ‘Monster’ and little more, it would have shown some indecision or lack of firmness in the face of the project. Does the task? Put yourself at the controls of ‘Thor: The dark world’, sequel to the original movie starring Chris Hemsworth that have a Natalie Portman very reluctant to continue to be part of the universe marvelita. So the condition of this actress at the time of signing by one of then was that it had a woman to run the tape.

  Patty Jenkins directing Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman' and the poster promoting 'Thor: The dark world'

It was the same Portman who suggested that Jenkins and showed so much enthusiasm for being able to participate in the first film of Marvel with a vision of female commanders. The thing is twisted, and the actress who gives life to Jane Foster got caught up in a production that had completely lost their interest. It has never been said officially, and the same does not arrive to say never, but the feeling is there: Portman would not have wanted to be part of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, the third part of the adventures of this superhero, because of what happened with Jenkins. But, what exactly is what happened?

About three years ago which is now known by most of the mortals as the director of ‘Wonder Woman’ because he wanted to give an opinion, although it did veils as you often allude to these matters in the entertainment world in which one never knows who will end up working. Jenkins had already signed for DC with which to talk about the competition, nor was it too much trouble, it was still very correct: My vision was less adequate for what they had decided to do in Marvel. I wanted to make something similar to this [‘Wonder Woman’] in that movie, and at first they thought that we could do it as well and was excited about it, but once we started working they realized that the Marvel universe surrounding that tape condicionándola and I understood that it was not the right person for the project. In these statements the writer is perceived to be a problem of lack of freedom, but now that he has returned to speak about it we discovered that the question had more crumb.

A disaster in power

It seems that Jenkins saw it coming the pump and is that in a recent interview granted to Vanity Fair, the filmmaker has decided to be rather more direct to convey what it was that caused his departure from Marvel: I didn’t think I was going to be able to make a good movie with the script that they were considering. I think that would have brought queue and that it would have seemed that it was my fault. It would have been in plan “o my mother! Have been directed to this woman and he has missed a lot of things”. It is the only time in my career that I’ve felt that if I did another director was not going to be for both. […] The only reason that I had to direct this movie was to prove that I could do it, but would not have served for nothing if there would have triumphed. I don’t think I would have been given another chance so… I am very grateful”. Very thankful for having said no at the time adapting because I take to say yes to ‘Wonder Woman’, a film focusing completely from his vision that has not been brought more than applause. And, what happened with ‘Thor 2’? Aja.