Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem make a donation mass of masks and gloves to a hospital in Madrid


Before the global crisis of the coronavirus any help is little to stop the damn curve of the infection and relieve the hard work of all the medical staff who day-to-day will leave the skin in hospitals all over the world. The “normal” people like me, and probably you, can not do much more that abide by the recommendations of the health authorities to stay home and practice social distancing, but Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem can do a little more and have managed to buy and donate 100,000 of nitrile gloves and 20,000 masks FFP2 for the hospital La Paz in Madrid, one of the most collapsed of our country. Due to the cuts, which over the years has suffered, the public health system, the lack of staff and resources are hindering the work of the medical fight against the virus without the material and sometimes in poor working conditions, or extreme.

The actress has decided to communicate the donation through its account of Instagram, where it recognizes that it has been an arduous task, and also takes advantage of in order to pay tribute to the men and women, “heroines and heroes anonymous”that put in risk your life and the lives of their families to keep our health:

As he explains the image, the pair of actors has enjoyed the company of Amancio Ortega to have access to the material: “Thanks to the logistical assistance of Inditex have been able to buy 100,000 Nitrile gloves and 20,000 Masks type FFP2, which have arrived today at the hospital La Paz in Madrid”. In fact, according to reports from the web Nwetral, Inditex is exploring the possibility of converting their textile manufacturing in medical equipment, but for now they contribute to their logistics capacity, buying and transporting from China masks and surgical. From Inditex intend to conduct at least a weekly delivery to the government of Spain, and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem also hope to continue making donations as long as necessary.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

International donations

What is clear is that this crisis of the coronavirus has put in evidence that for the very comprehensive and universal that it is, in theory, our public health system, nor Spain, nor the majority of affected countries were prepared to face a global pandemic. That is why, not only Cruz and Bardem have contributed to improving the status of health care personnel and patients, celebrities from all over the world are making their donations to particular hospitals, charitable organizations, or research funds.

Rihanna has contributed with 5 million to food banks, vaccine development and health care in developing countries like Haiti and Malawi. For his part Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have made gifts of a million dollars to alleviate hunger in the united States and Canada and improve the situation of many families whose financial problems are not going to do more than grow; Arnold Schwarzenegger also brings health teams and Chiara Ferragni and Ernesto Sevilla have wanted to directly help the hospitals in your city.