Rihanna teaches in the balcony of his house. Attention to the photo


March 26, 2020
(18:26 CET)

Rihanna strictly follow the confinement. However, she has not wished for the moment to draw attention as they have done many famous teaching their spectacular mansions that beckon you to go pass through the quarantine there.

The singer of Barbados is holding in the background in that aspect and is working very hard these days to keep your brand on the top of fashion.

It is for this reason that we have been able to see her posing in a photo in what could be the balcony of his house with a coat of skin and hardly anything more.

All with Rihanna

And the image was not slow in viralizarse in the united States with the message ‘Stay at Home’ (stay at home for Spanish speakers). And it is with that outfit that takes the singer from Barbados invites you to do kindness.

Rihanna who has a home in New York is very touched with what is happening in the Big Apple where they are going already, more than 70,000 cases in a few days.

The entrepreneur does not give credit to what is happening in the united States and around the world, and has sent several clear messages of encouragement to the families and recommendations to follow the hygiene tips.

Since last years version of Rihanna’s wild has been changed by a series that is dedicated to their companies and are very responsible with their social networks, and your image is looking very enhanced these days with it.