Rita Ora adds two new tattoos to his collection, preferring the trends of the moment


The fashion girls surprise us day-to-day showing new tattoo and this weekend has been the british singer Rita Ora which has passed through the hands of Dr. Woo -the tattoo artist of fashion in the city of Los Angeles-. Choosing places full of trendRita shows these two new acquisitions, that could inspire more than one.

Again, the tattoos on the fingers are the protagonists

If a few months Hailey Bieber-she decorated his right hand with tattoos type gem, now Rita Ora has done the same thing. A delicate design and very fine, this is the proposal created by Dr. Woo. The singer already had previous designs on their fingers, but this new acquisition is one of the most elegant that has.

Rita Ora Tattoos 02

The tattoo more personal

Like Selena Gomez or Hailey Bieber, Rita Ora also has tattooed on the side of the neck the word “zog”. She herself has explained what it means in your personal account of Instagram, “When I was young, my mother @veraora I called his zog ‘Zogi mamit’, he said, which means your little bird in Albanian. So thank you @_dr_woo by making this memory go with me. I love it.”

Rita Ora Tattoos 03

Photos | Instagram @ritaora, @_dr_woo_