Rita Ora caused a sensation after these pictures on a beach


Rita Ora has decided to take a well-deserved family holiday on the exclusive island of St. Barthsa heavenly place to choose many international stars to enjoy a break, its spectacular resorts, the good weather that prevails during the whole year or its crystal-clear waters, each year are witnesses of how great personalities set foot on the island.

The singer, after a year of hard work, has decided to take a break on the island with his family, and has not hesitated to share with his followers of Instagram pictures of the vacation, which demonstrate that it is not what can be going on better.

The images have been accompanied by christmas messages and also messages of gratitude to their fans for their spectacular musical year, and is that by 2019 it has been a year full of successes for the singer, which in its 29 years, has become one of the artists of greatest international renown.

As usual, Rita Ora took advantage of the nice weather to look tipazor, who has boasted about during all the holidays with a few images that have conquered their followers.

The artist cares a lot, exercise often and follow a diet very disciplined, something that is noticed in your physical and that have applauded his followers. As they have also applauded the natural beauty of the singer, who has wanted to pose with the greatest possible naturalness, almost without filters and without make-up.

Rita Ora dared with stunning swimwear that marked his figure, and that could not be more flattering. Without a doubt, the artist known taken a lot out of and once more it has shown. The piece star of all the images you have posted during your vacation, it has been a mini bikini electric blue that has been combined with a pair of sunglasses and a funny snowman that counteracts with the good weather in the island of St Barths.