Rita Ora: interview prior to his presentation in Stereo Picnic 2020


Rita Ora has managed to earn its space in the universe of the current pop. Singing, acting or collaborating with recognized brands of fashion, it takes a decade deslumbrándonos with your energy and versatility.

Rita Sahatçiu (his first name) already had a #1 (Hot Right Now alongside DJ Fresh) before its premiere recording. Ora debuted at number one in the Uk with hits such as: How We Do (Party), R. I. P. with Tinie Tempah, Shine Ya Light and Radioactive. Roc Nation, led by Jay-Z was the label that gave him the opportunity. But Rita wanted to be more than a protected of the lord Carter and looked for another record label for their second album.

Phoenixtheir second production, came in November of 2018: a cocktail of dance, pop and R&B with collaborations of Cardi B, Rudimental, Avicii and more. Your Song and Let Love You were the easy highlights of this disc.

When Rita was a baby, in 1991, his family fled his native Kosovo in the framework of the Balkan War. At that time, Kosovo was under the authority of serbia. In 1998, conflict erupted between Serbian forces and the guerrilla independence kosovo Albanian. After a war that left more than 13,000 dead, the country achieved its independence in 2008. With a population of 1.8 million people, Kosovo has a GDP per-capita lowest in Europe.

Rita was invited to a special concert by the tenth anniversary of the independence of Kosovo, in 2018. “Getting here took a long journey,” said the artist to the media. “But I think that is only the beginning of an amazing journey for our country.”

In addition to his musical career, is widely known for his appearances on TV (has been sworn in The Voice and The X Factor) and film (he participated in Detective Pikachu and 50 shades of Grey). It is also a renowned figure in the fashion: he has collaborated with several well-known brands as Escada or Adidas, has its own line and also was a presenter and jury in America’s Next Top Model.

On his show stated, “as an artist, I find it very important to bring energy to every show and give the best presentation possible. What is important is that the fans are having fun. I will be playing classic songs and also Phoenix. This is going to be very fun!”. We will check on the 5th of April when we see it for the first time in Colombia to Rita, at the Festival Stereo Picnic. We talked with her while we look forward to your visit, that is sure to be unforgettable.

Do you remember what was the first album you bought?

Oh, I think I would have to ask my mom. I really liked the music of R&B and pop. I think that might have been from the Spice Girls.

Phoenix is your most recent production. What did it mean to your career?

It felt like the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one and exciting. One of the feelings most liberating for me is to sing and create music. This album was a labor of love, and it was important to do it my way. I appreciate the love and support of those who worked with me on the drive and allowed me to create something that makes me proud. They gave Me space and freedom to create something from the heart. It was something challenging and euphoric in some moments. I am proud and grateful for the journey that led me to this album.

You have collaborated with many artists. What would you say is the key to a successful collaboration?

I think that the chemistry is fudnamental. Those who work together must share and compliment each other’s style. Finally, it is very much enjoy working together.

Who would you like to do a collaboration?

There are many to mention, my taste is very eclectic. I would love to collaborate with Rosalie, I think you’re doing something amazing and I fell in love with your show at the recent Billboard Awards. I would also love to collaborate with Gwen Stefani, is another of my favorites.

Besides music, fashion is another one of your great passions. How to built your style?

Since I remember, fashion has been an important part of my life and I think always will be. Growing up I did not have access to so many designers incredible, so I created my outfits by combining new pieces with vintage, a piece of designer and something of a luxury. There was born the love for experimenting with my style. For me, fashion is freedom and a way to express myself. There are No rules, that seems very powerful.

How important is it for you, it is activism for your country?

Is it more important to me. I felt more than honored to have been chosen to represent Unicef. On my recent trip to Kosovo, I saw first-hand the great work that Unicef does in my country and I’m more determined than ever to use my position to support, to make campaigns, and to lead.

Do you have any model to follow?

My mom is the most inspiring and incredible that I know. The family has always been and will be the most important thing in my life. We have always been close and we rely a great deal between us.

What is the best advice you’ve received in your career?

Many influential people that I have met on the way have given me valuable advice and each one of them to me has shaped who I am now. It is very important to be you same and seek to achieve whatever it is that you love.

What do you mean by your country of origin?

I am very proud of my origin and I will never forget where I come from. It means everything to me.