Sailor Moon: Cosplay Usagi Tsukino as girl punk raging in networks


An impressive cosplay of Sailor Moon has begun to circulate on social networks, causing great amazement among all the fans of this iconic series due to that, on this occasion a talented girl has wanted to embody Usagi Tsukino in a version punk you have never seen before.

Sailor Moon continues to consolidate as one of the series animes most emblematic of the history and everything seems to indicate that his success will continue to grow at 28 years of having been transmitted for the first time in Japan, as the next September 11 will premiere a new film and which has thrilled fans all over the world.

For that reason, it is not surprising that many cosplayers choose to embody the characters of Sailor Moon with an awesome result that becomes the trend of social networking, but the day of today has emerged, one that has left with the mouth open to all fans.

Sailor Moon: Cosplay Usagi Tsukino as girl punk raging in networks.

Cosplay punk Sailor Moon mad to Instagram

It is well known that people who do cosplays of Sailor Moon usually made costumes very similar to those that can be seen in the anime series, or with some slight modifications, that is why we see the protagonist in a version of punk has caused great furor among users of social networks.

Today we’ll talk about the incredible work that he has done Rachele Masi, a talented cosplayer Italian who in recent days has decided to become Usagi Tsukino but in a punk style that shows us the protagonist of Sailor Moon as you’ve never seen before.

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Sailor Moon: Cosplay Usagi Tsukino as girl punk raging in networks.

It is worth noting that this incredible cosplay of Rachele Masi has viralizado in all the social networks and increasingly is gaining more popularity among the community of fans of Sailor Moon, who have been full of praise this version punk of Usagi Tsukino who has enchanted more than one.

Photos: Toei Animation and Instagram @mad_rakele