Sambil Model celebrates its FIFTEENTH anniversary


This Thursday will be the FIFTEENTH election of the new Sambil Model edition that will count with the participation of: Claudia Bessagio, Daniela Rodriguez, Dilcar Linares, Ileana Márquez, Ireana Sanchez, Katiuzka Andrade, Keiger Martinez, Sara Santiago, Steffani Colmenares, Veronica Figuera, Yuslenny Ramos, Teresa Guilin, Patricia Fournillier, Liuvia Hernandez, Andrea Lezama and Nicolle Benavides.

The girls were presented in a meeting that brought together representatives from the world of entertainment and social networking. There was a parade for the first time to display their progress on the runway. For the gala of election it is planned that the cheerleaders Osmariel Villalobos, Annemarie Camacho and Fanny Ottati will be in charge of the animation of the contest.

They will have in common the designer valenciano Alejandro Fajardo as the manager of them the gowns that will appear Thursday. The winner will be the image of the brand in different activities that will be organised during the year, as well as choose other for bands special. Dani Baron, Andres Mata, Galez and Jhon Degrees and Josemith Bermudez, in his role of singer, are part of the musical poster of the gala.