Selena Gomez, again. It will mark the veins, and is in a site committed


March 26, 2020
(20:00 CET)

Selena Gomez has decided that in this 2020 will become the new Miley Cyrus. He wants people to forget his or her stage of depression, of anxiety, and we could see it with a few extra pounds.

Now the american singer-want people to come back to look at her, in her body and in everything that he does and that’s why since I started this 2020 has been dedicated to calling attention to the large.

And made it big with the report that you prepared the magazine Dazed and put in the pillory, however, has been increasing, with public appearances in a dress very tight and sessions of most curious.

However, this week has appeared a photo precuarentena that seems to have made go crazy to their fans and go to a Selena Gomez very seriously and with an outfit that is too tight and worn a lot, so much that you will notice the veins…

Selena Gomez

Goodbye, Photoshop

Something to thank the fans of the singer of the united States is that it has finally stopped using the digital retouching, which did not seem to dominate too much of their team image, and almost always was caught by his haters.

Now we can see a Selena Gomez more natural, something crazy, but to purchase many of their followers, that is such as she is without needing to retouch.

The big question that will make their followers is what will happen with your personal brand strategy this year with the quarantine of the coronavirus, will you be so radical?