Sell on Wallapop. Belén Esteban is not what I expected


March 27, 2020
(16:17 CET)

Belén Esteban spends time with the cooking during the confinement. In his spare time searches for one of your applications favourite, Wallapop, where you can find great relics and surprises. The co-worker has found an object very famous that dates from April 30, 1983, 37 years ago. This date is very important in the life of Isabel Pantoja as he was when he joined in marriage with Paquirri. A marriage that lasted exactly one year, four months and 25 days, but still remains in the memory of the renowned vocalist. It seems that it was his great love.

The singer protects his children and to his mother as Paquirri and all your things. The children of the bullfighter, Cayetano and Fran Rivera, asked the object of his father to remain in the Singer. Now it has appeared one of the invitations of the wedding on Wallapop.

wedding invitation pantoja wallapop

So it is. A user of Wallapop sell a relic that is sure that Isabel Pantoja does not like to see on the platform dedicated to market with articles of all kinds, usually old or second-hand. The invitation is very original, since it is a triptych in the form of cloak in that it can read the data from the link. Place, date and time.

What is most curious is the sale price. A total of 650 euros. There are many fans of Isabel Pantoja, who could be interested in this relic. Although the priced is not suitable for all pockets. Isabel Pantoja does not make any grace of someone selling this for the application. Did you buy it?

Currently Isabel Pantoja has other problems. Is very concerned about the coronavirus, and the situation in the country. His concerts are being cancelled and the life of his mother, Doña Ana is in danger.