‘Skam Spain’ postpones premiere of the fourth and final season for the coronavirus


‘Skam Spain’, the Spanish adaptation of the series norway, had planned the premiere of the fourth season the 9 of April. After the crisis of the coronavirus, have seen it appropriate to delay this fourth and final season after paralyzing his shootingfollowing the recommendations of health authorities.


The series of Movistar+ follows the day-to-day of a group of friends in the institute: Cris (Irene Ferreiro), Viri (Celia’s Purse), Eva (Dawn Flat), Nora (Nicole Wallace), and Amira (Hajar Brown). This last season will focus on Amira and, through it, we’ll see how the protagonists face their last few months of the course, each with different problems and with the selectivity to the back of the corner.

We still do not know the new release date.

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The actresses, in addition to having their personal accounts of Instagram, also have accounts for their characters they will be hanging content frequently, so that is a way that we have to follow your day-to-day. These are his latest publications: