So it works the diet with which Adele dropped more than 40 kilos


Adele diet
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Adele, just 31 years of age, changed his life completely in the last few years thanks to a new diet with the improved in your overall appearance. Beyond the loving, after his divorce, and labour with their hit albums, the british singer has managed to lose more than 40 pounds.

The secret of Adele to do it was a strict diet, which was based upon green juices and the intake of 1000 calories per day, in addition to a hard training day.

This eating plan was in charge of Camila Goodis, your personal trainer. The specialist explained in several interviews that the key changes in the life of the artist was the significant reduction in the consumption of calories to half of the recommended for women. “Is doing physical activity, but I think that 90% is diet,” said Goodis in contact with Lorraine Kelly

In accordance with the specialized The Sun, the singer also counted with the help of the guru fitness Joe Wicks, famous for their high-intensity workouts.

Adele surprised everyone a few weeks to show your slim figure while enjoying the beaches of the Caribbean. Was there on vacation with the ex One Direction Harry Styles and presenter on british James Corden.