TALENT CREOLE – Osmariel Villalobos and Sixto Rein will participate in the new edition of the Sambil Model


Various artists of the moment join the celebration in the framework of their 15th anniversary.

The new edition of the Sambil Model is already set in place and to ensure that all the audience have a great time, with good music and also enjoy seeing the incredible figures that will be parading on the catwalk, the organizing committee quoted Sixto Rein, Corina Smith, Dani Baron, Thomaz, Andres Mata, Galez, and Jhon Degreeswho, with their different rhythms will be more of a wizard in that event it will be this Thursday, 28 November in the amphitheater of the mall.

For their part, will be responsible for the animation on this occasion will be nothing more and nothing less than the creole Osmariel Villalobos, Anmarie Camacho, Josemith Bermudez Fanny Ottatiwho will be wearing elegantly designs Alejandro Fajardoaccording to the comments between rumors.

This piece of fashion catwalk, known as “the parade of the fourth bat”, is composed by 16 young people who were selected after a series of castings.

They are Claudia Bessagio, Daniela Rodriguez, Dilcar Linares, Ileana Márquez, Ireana Sanchez, Katiuzka Andrade, Keiger Martinez, Sara Santiago, Steffani Colmenares, Veronica Figuera, Yuslenny Ramos, Teresa Guilin, Patricia Fournillier, Liuvia Hernandez, Andrea Lezama and Nicolle Benavides.

International Fashion Show is the name of the catwalk runway, which will be held this year with the presentation of parts of Carlos Moya and Miguel Genao.

This will be the 15th anniversary of this breathtaking evening that has created national models as Alicia Dolanyi, Gabriela Graff, Mary Laura Green, Jessica Barboza, among others.

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