“Tease in Sálvame”. Rafa Mora what does and recorded live


March 26, 2020
(17:12 CET)

All the shops remain closed and will do so for more than a month. For this reason it is impossible to be able to take care of. Or treatments, or gymnastics, or hair removal, or hair salon. The citizens find the solution in their homes, sometimes with home remedies. The famous also have no luck. In the main television programs do not have makeup artists or stylists. They come prepared from home.

Luckily Save me feature with Kiko Matamoros, who has been fond of the hairdresser. The contributor him to shave off the hair to Jorge Javier Vázquez, and it seems that he has caught the taste. The presenter seemed like a good idea to convert the studio into a makeshift hair salon, and he challenged Rafa Mora and Alonso Caparrós to copy your look.

Through Twitter, the public decided who of the two wanted is rapase the hair. Finally, it was Rafa Mora. And it did so against his will. The young man returned to the style of years ago, when he made his debut in MYHYV. Now what I was trying to leave long and there was nothing wrong. Luckily the quarantine is going to be long and will give you time to grow again.

What is not known is whether tomorrow will continue the running gag that has launched the program and there will be another partner that you will lose your hair because of the program. Among the candidates, Antonio David or Alonso Caparros... although it can happen. As the advent of fashion from rapar to a collaborator, the program runs the risk of being left without partners.

For its part, Jorge Javier Vazquez got Miriam Saavedra will perform the manicure in direct. At the end of this quarantine is coming round.