¡Terrible!!! Cristina Pedroche unworthy to Spain with this photo in the TOILET


March 26, 2020
(13:02 CET)

A mess has been mounted David Muñoz in your account of Instagram. The tv chef set off the alarms at the possibility of having contracted the coronavirus.

“After 12 days of sick ? with some of those days very bad and the best caregiver in the world @cristipedroche at the end I start feeling better… yes, the taste and smell have not returned, fuck!!!!!”, wrote cook in his account of Instagram. A message that sparked uncertainty among their followers, including many suspected that might have been infected with the COVID-19. Even some in the media echoed.

David Muñoz is comforting to their fans

Before the stir, Muñoz posted another message in your account Instagram. This time more reassuring, and denying the news that could have the disease that these days is causing havoc in Spain and around the world.

“Thank you all for your messages and your encouragement.
I would like to clarify that yes, I have been bad, but that in no moment I have done the test, so I don’t know if I’ve had coronavirus or not. I have done everything that I have recommended to doctors, to stay at home and vigilarme”, began the writing.

“He may simply have been a common flu. We will never know. I think that the test should be for the groups of risk as well I was told when I called by phone to the doctor. Thank you so much for fretting about my health, but neither is it a matter of alarm. Perhaps I should have been more clear and concise in my previous publication and thus not have stopped the possibility that the media is echoed. I’m sorry if someone has worried more. Much encouragement to all those that are infected and all their families. ?”, he concludes David.

Indignation in the network with Muñoz and Pedroche

A post that has returned to the peace of mind to their fans, but that has generated a tremendous indignation among many users. And it is considered that he has committed a recklessness brutal.

Experts point out that the citizens, who have symptoms should be isolated for a 14 days. Some recommendations that David Muñoz it would have gone through the lining. And also Cristina Pedroche.

And is that according to confirm him in the message, and as you can see in the snapshot that accompanied the last post, David has been with Cristina Pedrochesomething that should not be done before the suspicions of that could have the COVID-19. Consider it an “irresponsibility”, a “recklessness” and a “lack of respect to the spaniards”. And apply it to both the chef as to Pedroche, because they think that they should have been away from each other during the 14-day quarantine recommended by the experts.