THE BLACK LIST – The celebrities who showed their support to Richard Linares in the confrontation against Diana Liz Duque


Richard Linares got a lot of support on the part of various influencers on Instagram for the case of the macaws, and the comment that you made Diana Liz Duque.

Richard Linaresthe influencer fitness-known for being the former coach of the misses, took the time to reflect and apologize for all the events where it left attacked cybernetically the biologist venezuelan Diana Liz Duqueand what made him become very bad standing on Twitter.

What is true is that before this happened there were many comments of support that I had received the creole on the part of many famouswho haven’t took the task of researching about what was happening, but simply commented against the scientific.

Between them highlighted Vanessa Senior, who also had to apologize for what happened, the tv presenter Annarella Bonoactress Patricia Schwarzgruber, Rebeca Costoya, Josemith Bermudezthe singer Sixto Rein and up Yeimmy Rodriguez. In addition to the controversy and always controversial Vanessa Senior.

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All of these made it know in the comments of the publication which Linares had made, that they were fully on the side of famous and not gave him a right to reply to the specialist in the case.

Among the comments of the artists stressed that Duke only wanted to call attention, in addition to referring to his private life displayed on social networks.

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