The coronavirus in Spain leaves 769 dead in the last 24 hours, bringing the figure to 4.858


The coronavirus has already made in Spain 4.858 dead, 769 in the last 24 hoursbut this is not the largest percentage increase (by 18.8 percent), according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health.

There are currently 64.059-confirmed cases, 4.165 patients are admitted in Intensive Care Units (ICU), while 9.357 are cured.

In the last 24 hours in the Spanish territory, the number of infected people has experienced an increase of 14 percent compared to Thursday.

“It is the smaller increase compared to the last 15 days. We must be careful, however, with these data, although it is a fact flattering, that gives some hopes,” said Fernando Simón, director of the Centre of Coordination of Emergencies of the Ministry, at a press conference.

“We have more deaths than those of yesterday, although the percentage increase is similar to that of the last three days. There are almost twice as high that of the deceased,”he said.

However, they also warned that for the hospitalization and the ICU “the peak is expected for the next week”.

Simon stressed that “what is important is that the decline” of cases is stable. “The decline in the transmission is not accompanied by a decrease of use of the healthcare system. There is that make an extra effort in these times. To avoid any movement or contact avoidable. Not all communities will reach the peak at the same time, we began to see him with that lag,” he said.

“You have to strive because it is stable. There are those who have to go to work, but we can act in those services for which the contacts are reduced. The gestures on coughing, hand washing, separation between peers. It is hard to assimilate that when you lower the transmission, the pressure on the system to grow for a few days. Fortunately, not at the same time in all communities. This is not just when you start the descent”, he added.