The curious ability of Hailey Baldwin with that ‘caught’ Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was a guest on the program The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, in which the presenter recalled a trick that the model knows how to do with a bottle of beer and to put into practice the last time he visited the program.

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin opened the packaging with the teeth, leaving surprised at all. But such a feat was a fundamental detail that changed his life forever, as it has much to do with her love story with her now-husband, Justin Bieber.

‘In reality there is another funny story behind this, and that is the last time I was here, we made this little trick of party to open a bottle with my teeth’, he explained Baldwin. ‘The next morning, after airing the interview, I received a phone call from a certain person’.

‘Hello!, how are you? I saw you last night with Jimmy Fallon, you looked very well. I loved that trick you did, I had no idea that you could do that, it was great’, told Hailey about what he told Justin. To the surprise of the public who was present at the show, the model said: ‘I Hung up and now I’m married to that certain person’.

Jimmy Fallon also was impressed with the story, because the model of 23 years, said that he was a part of his love: ‘Jimmy has a little bit of credit for helping me to turn on the romance’, he said.

After recalling this episode in his history with the canadian singer, Hailey he commented that he met Bieber in 2009, thanks to his father: ‘We met because my dad took me to the Today show

when Justin acted there. I had no more than 15 years and, to be honest, I still do not know much about him’, he shared in the interview.

During the same broadcast, Fallon he showed a picture of the two of you together when you were 15 and 13 years. When you see it, Hailey he recalled something that he was uncomfortable in that picture: ‘The funny thing is that in this picture I’m super uncomfortable because I had braces’, he recalled.

‘In no part had a thought that it probably was in love with me, it was not the case at all. Just went out and is now my husband, is ridiculous, ” he added.

Hailey and Justin they started a friendship of teenagers, that in 2016 it became something more, although there was nothing formal: Two years later, after leaving out with Sophia Richie and complete definitely your relationship with Selena Gomez, Justin it was captured with Hailey in New York city in June of 2018, confirming that there was a romance between them.

Months later, Bieber and Baldwin surprised when it was made public that they were married in secret in New York, on the 13th of September 2018. A year later, on September 30, 2019, the singer and model were joined in marriage by the church in South Carolina, in a ceremony where only they were present with their closest family and friends.


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