The day that they don’t recognize Rita Ora in ‘The Voice of Germany’


Rita Ora is a singer who has received many nominations in awards such as the MTV Europe Music Awards and the BRIT Awards, however in 2017 you spent a shameful moment not to be recognized in a program of reality tv.

It was the hit show The Voice Germany, during the stage of auditions blind singer performed one of his tracks, which made it flip up to the four judges, however, were treated as a participant by failing to recognize that it was the real performer of the song.

The judges remarked that “it sounded almost like the original” and asked where it was and what it was called. When she said that it was called “Rita Ora” I asked if it was a double, to which she replied that it was really a matter of it.

First they thought it was a joke, but gradually the time became more uncomfortable to realize that in reality she was the artist who had been presented to them.