The filter of Instagram that made Hailey Baldwin look like Selena Gomez


The fans are making a viral image in which Hailey Baldwin looks like Selena Gomez thanks to the social network…

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Instagram is one of the social networks most used in the world and a favourite of the celebs, who do not hesitate to test each and every one of the fun features.

Recently Hailey use the filter “You Look Like” of the stories, and shared the results that threw the app: first, Bella Hadid, and then her sister Gigi Hadid; however, fans noticed that he also obtained the result of Selena Gomez.

Photo: Instagram Stories

The photo quickly has started to become viral on the internet, and although Hailey did not reveal his reaction, fans have already begun to speculate on how he must have felt when the filter revealed to him that might look like the ex of your husband. what do you guys think?

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