The first original movies Disney+ from worst to best


Disney+, the streaming platform that represents the attempt of the house of the mouse to sweep the world series and films available on request, it has already been launched in Spain. The platform has more than 500 films, approximately 350 series and 26 original to keep entertaining all of the families.

'The lady and the tramp' is one of the first original release in Disney+

In addition to movies already very dear or series iconic, Disney+ has announced the premiere of several movies and original series to prove their credentials kinematics can compete with the innovative content of the titans of the streaming like HBO or Netflix. At the end of look at four of these new films – ‘Stargirl’, ‘The lady and the tramp’, ‘Disaster & Total. Detective agency no. 1’ and ‘Togo’ – we have prepared this list of the first deliveries original Disney+ from worst to best so that you get a first impression before you delve into the vast catalogue of the platform.

That will come

In addition to these first four movies to premiere on Disney+, the platform has programmed many more films and series for the future, as the remake of ‘home Alone’, where to star Archie Yates, who triumphed with his role in ‘Jojo Rabbit’. Also prepare a new version of ‘twelfth house’, a prequel of ‘Willow’ and a new ‘The return of the witches’.

The first original movies Disney+ from worst to best

4 ‘Stargirl’

Movies about the passage of childhood to adulthood are difficult to do well, especially in a cinematic landscape in which we have already seen a thousand times stories of the vulnerability and insecurity of the youth (‘The advantages of being an outcast’, ‘Lady Bird’) or of the first love and the first heartbreak (‘With love, Simon’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’). To gain a foothold in this market already very saturated, a film about the arrival to the maturity it has to feel different, and, unfortunately, ‘Stargirl’, the adaptation of the novel of 2000 by Jerry Spinelli at the hands of the director, Julia Hart, fails to say anything new about this era of intense life.

‘Stargirl’ revolves around the young Leo Borlock (Graham Verchere), a student who is eager to adapt to the food chain of your secondary school until she meets the new student, Stargirl Caraway (Grace VanderWaal), a girl from bohemia, which immediately becomes a source of fascination to others because of their style, hippie, their peculiarities and their skills enviable with the ukulele. Is the ukulele the that cause some of the most charming of the movie; Grace VanderWaal won the competition of ‘America’s Got Talent’ for his talent as a singer-songwriter and, along with Graham Verchere, the two use their music to bring charm and energy to the film about the importance of individuality in a time of life in which you only want to be a part of the crowd. However, the film does not meet the expectations of being a deep history of the arrival at maturity as a result of the characterization of Stargirl, who is represented as a tool for the development of the character soso Leo instead of a character in its own right. It is a formula family, the female character one-dimensional leads to the development of the male protagonist and, for a film about individuality, the perpetuation of this cliché is ironically unoriginal. If this is added to a script that tries to be deep but in reality it seems pretentious, the result is a film that is forgettable that only deserves to be seen by the songs catchy.

3 ‘The lady and the tramp’

Who would have thought that one of the films most romantic of the canon entire Disney would be two dogs of different social classes? Anyone who had seen the scene in which Gulf gives the last meatball to the Queen, knows that this is so. Under the direction of Charlie Bean,Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux made interpretations highlights of this pair of iconic, putting voices to Gulf and Queen respectively. The emotion, vulnerability and his slow descent into love is represented with the intonations of voice and the skills of two dogs very obedient. Visually, the film is another level. ‘The lady and the tramp’ is set in New Orleans and the creative team takes advantage of this place famous for its diversity and liveliness to fill each plane with color scenarios and features that will captivate both the audience increased as the children that are watching this love story for the first time.

Unfortunately, the film fails to recover the charm of the original, as is the trend of remakes in live action Disney. Unlike the performances of the voice actors, the characters, interpreted in real action are one-dimensional by the fault of a script cloying. What is more, with the exception of the surrender of adorable ‘Bella Notte’, or with the presence of musical artists such as Janelle Monáe can offer a soundtrack of the size that we expect from Disney.

In a few words, ‘The lady and the tramp’ is visually fantastic and has a few interpretations, stunning, but you are missing the heart of the original.

Lady and the tramp in eCartelera

2 ‘Togo’

When a film starts with the words “based on actual events” before you make a pan out to reveal the landscape covered in ice in Alaska as a unique man driving a sledge pulled by dogs in these conditions glacialyou know it’s going to be a fascinating story.

‘Togo’ is inspired by the events of the career of the serum to Nome in 1925 when 20 mushers drove their dog sleds over more than 1,000 km of arid landscapes, and dangerous to the people of Nome to deliver the remedy to the diphtheria epidemic that was killing their people. Willem Dafoe is masterful in the role of Leonhard Seppala, a musher who, by desire of his wife, agrees to train a puppy ill-disciplined to steer your sled. The link that Leonhard way reluctantly with this dog, Togo, it is very nice and the audience has the pleasure of seeing how this connection becomes something deeper and almost spiritual that promises to cause tears in anyone who has a love for animals.

The director, Ericson Core, he does an excellent job to represent the journey of daring by nature a mind-boggling Alaska with general plans of the extensive water-ice are juxtaposed with close-ups of the intensity and the concentration on the face of the always wonderful Dafoe.

The only aspect of the film that is not convincing is its duration. The movie lasts 113 minutes and the story, peppered with flashbacks, frequent, cannot sustain the suspense for this period of time.

1 ‘Disaster & Total: detective Agency no. 1’

We never knew we needed a film about a child with a sense of witty humor that solves crimes in Portland with her imaginary friend, a polar bear clumsy and ineptuntil we saw this beautiful movie directed by Tom McCarthy.

Timmy Disaster believes he is destined for greatness, you just need to boot your agency detectives through solve the mystery of the backpack loss of one of their classmates. Winslow Fegley, the actor of 11 years, who plays Timmy, is a star in the making. He says each line and joke with the perfect combination of witty humor and a cadence comic flawless that it rivals the of Ophelia Lovibond and Kyle Bornheimer, they interpret to their mother and her new boyfriend with so much heart and sincerity that you will want to call your own dysfunctional family after having seen the film.

The style of ‘Disaster & Total’ is very clever. With the voice in off of Timmy, to direct our attention, often the film immerses us in the fantasies of Timmy and represents the overactive imagination of this young man, with sketches in the style of comics or misinterpretations of what other people are saying (in one scene, the boyfriend of his mother offers a leg of rabbit to be in luck and Timmy imagines a scenario in which this man is a killer of rabbits, for example). Even with this generous dose of humor, the film never loses its heart and explores relevant topics such as the fear to grow and the pressure to fit in. The whole family, whether you’re ninety years as if you have nine, you will be enchanted by the story of Timmy and his antics.

An annual subscription to Disney+ it also offers access to the wide range of original series inspired by some of the franchises most iconic, from ‘The Mandalorian’ up to ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’, the latter of which already has our criticism on the web.