The great transformation of Kelly Clarkson and his response to those who call him fat

The singer Kelly Clarkson, who has been in the news for the trasnformación physics that has suffered over the last few years, has responded to those that meddle with your weight gain.

The singer, songwriter and american actress, winner of the first generation of “American Idol”, he has explained how he feels after that viralizaran photographs that appears with an evident overweight.

“I’m wonderful! It doesn’t bother me. The world is free. Say what you want I never has cared what people say; it only matters if I’m happy,” said Clarkson in an interview for People magazine.

Some years ago, the artist posed for the Video Music Awards with a very different picture to the current one.

Unfortunately, the issue was not there and social networks, always attentive to the life of the celebrities, criticized harshly to the interpreter of 35 years.

Last 4th of July, Independence Day EE.UU, Kelly greeted their fans through Twitter and showed his appreciation of the strength and the courage of the men and women who protect the citizens of your nation.

In response to his loving message, a user decided to answer with a tweet of the most inappropriate: “You’re fat”, he wrote. But Clarkson, who does not have hairs on the tongue, boasting of an excellent sense of humor responded, finishing the sentence of the user with a: “and, still, fucking unbelievable”.


Kelly Clarkson he rose to fame after winning the first season of the popular program of the american chain FOX, American Idol.

After releasing their debut album Thankful, he got his 6 album 6 times multi-platinum Breakaway. The singer-songwriter reached number #2 on the Billboard 200 with his third album My December.

In the year 2009, he released his fourth album All I Ever Wanted with the that reached the first positions in all the music charts and international in 2013 VH1 the posicióno in the 19th place of the top 100 female artists in all of history.

With 30 million copies vendidadas all over the worldwinner of three Grammy Awards, reached the success with simple as famous as “Miss Independent,” “Never Again” or “Already Gone”.

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