The marriage of Hailey and Justin Bieber became ‘stressful’


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are one of the couples most acclaimed in the whole of the entertainment industry; however, it has not all been facie casel since both personalities decided to join ties of marriage, so said the same Hailey through an interview for the famous magazine Elle.

According to the statements of the model, the start of your marriage with the interpreter ‘One less lonely girl’ it was not easy, even, reveals that it turned into something stressfulit was right at that moment when the canadian began to feel bad due to Lyme disease that he suffers, however, in that time they did not know what it was that Bieber had.

“He was really sick, have Lyme disease. I was struggling with a large amount of drugs even though we didn’t even have a diagnosis”, continued Bieber, “It was so difficult because everyone was being very rude and we werethey said that he was on drugs and that he looked very ill; when the truth, he was not healthy and we didn’t know it”, expressed Ms. Bieber for the French magazine.

Likewise, revealed that just were the health problems of the singer who made the wedding was delayed. “I felt that planning a wedding in the middle of all of this was too frantic, came to be stressful. It was when he got sick and we didn’t know what it was”, said Hailey. Once the health problems Bieber had ceased, the religious wedding took place in September 2019 in South Carolina.

Hailey Baldwin, the great support of Justin Bieber

Despite the low that has had their relationship, Hailey has always been a great support for the interpreter ‘Baby’ in fact, in the most recent episode of his documentary ‘Seasons’, Bieber revealed that he was about to die due to the abuse of drugs that it used to have, which ended in great part due to the support he received from his now wife.

By his side, the model expresses feel really lucky to have someone like Bieber to his side, “It’s amazing, a man spectacular and an excellent life partner. There is No one else with whom you want to spend the rest of my life with him. So… Yes, I am very lucky”, said Hailey.