The photo of the back of Becky G that his fans will not stop to share in networks


March 26, 2020
(18:41 CET)

Becky G is not living a few days just too good. The singer is not bringing any good to the quarantine (remember that California was the first place in the united States that is confined) and it seems that the fans have wanted to make you change your mood.

In fact, one of his followers proposed to share photos of concerts that had been Becky G in search of the best photos of the singer and it seems that there is a photo that has been razed.

The photos of his concert in San Antonio where you see the Latin artist with a look of rodeo and back to the camera seems to have fascinated his followers.

A look

What is certain is that outfit in which the top part is normal, but underneath is a kind of body along with a pair of rodeo that will expose all of the behind have been left as a trademark of Becky G.

It seems that what you copied from the video clip of Dirty of Christina Aguilera with some variations to make it their own.

An unexpected failure

Another of the reasons that it is not at all well Becky G these days it is the fault of their album Bad Santa, the first thing that presents, is not working as well as expected.

In fact, in the reproductions of his Youtube account is already clearly apparent that none of the songs have been put in the Top5 of the California artist.