‘The Pit’ becomes the movie of Netflix most watched in united States


The movie ‘The Hole’ without a doubt it has been one of the biggest names on Netflix since it debuted on the platform. The film Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia has had a great impact and lots and lots of visualizations in our country. But without doubt, the most impressive thing has been that the film was converted from the 25th of march in the most-watched in the united Statesunder the title ‘The Platform’, has announced the Twitter page of the same:

The Hole

What do you think the americans of ‘The Hole’?

Without a doubt, this is not a film, is a work that leaves you confused, difficult to understand at some point, and with a final all clear. It is for this reason that we have gone to Twitter to look for several reactions of people who have seen it, and although it is impossible to get a unanimous opinion in general all of them agree that it is a great movie.

“‘The Hole’ on Netflix. A thriller of survival greatly innovative that kept me hooked. The film has a lovely metaphorical message against capitalism and equality, and transmits it with a lot of blood. If you are a fan of thrillers raw, go for this!”

“Now I have experience on Netflix Party (I + 1), after having seen ‘The Pit’ or the battle between the grotesque and the gorewith capitalism and the plight of the man as his target. Or maybe it’s just I saw a medieval painting come to life. But definitely I had to vomit after that.”

“This film speaks of reality”