“The police came”. Kiko Hernández slope of the largest scandal in Telecinco


Kiko Hernández

March 26, 2020
(11:00 CET)

Luckily, for the duration of the alarm state, the main television networks have also opted for its own content. Four scheduled a new edition of Come dine with me Gourmet Editionthat got to sit at the same table Bibiana Fernández, The Dioni, Carmen Borrego and Victor Sandoval. In these deliveries was the bad relationship between the daughter of María Teresa Campos, and the partner of Save me. Do everything for a dinner? Victor worked with the mother of the collaborator in the past and not liked it as he spoke to her in the past.

Victor Sandoval already announced a few months ago on the set of Save me that in one of the dinners had to intervene the police. “The police came, I can not say more. We have had a month… things are Going to happen that are going to freak out,” he said without wanting to get into more details. Finally it has been unveiled on the occasion of the visit of the security agents and has been one of the most surreal of the program and also paradoxical.

come dine with me dioni and wivesThe Dioni taught to their table mates wives with which he had been arrested when he stole the famous van and saved as a trophy. In this relaxed gathering of “friends ” forced”, the Dioni they wanted to put up with such bad luck that the keys were not working to re-open. Finally had to call a few friends of his police officers, but had to cook and eat dinner with them put.

The police could not do anything by taking them off. Neither did his companions edit Bibiana Fernández and Carmen Borrego. So I had to call a locksmith to break loose with a radio. They were able to verify that they were effective. With them not escape, or the thief more dangerous.