The polmica diet of the singer Adele


Thanks to the sport and to the routines of exercises can overcome the bad moments, stress and even some health problems. This path was chosen for the lead singer british Adele, who, after eight years of marriage with Simon Konecki and a difficult divorce, she decided to take care of your body and change physiognomy.

To do this, put hands to the work and worked on the basis of two pillars: pilates, training, and diet sirtfood, for weight loss seventy kilos. This last is divided into two phases: the first puts the body into a caloric deficit with juices and a single meal, and the second adds a packed solid, and a shake per day. It is worth mentioning that the foods are that make up the list of the diet and include red wine, nuts and dark chocolate.

Asked about, Natalia Rossi, professor of Physical Education (UNLP), Nutrition specialist and instructor in Functional Training for athletes, said that “to lose weight is you need, or yes, a caloric deficit, and this is achieved by eating healthy, without being banned, nothing, training, and sleeping.”

Faced with the need to change dietary habits and improve the quality of life with the practice of the sport it is important to use a specialist to develop a nutrition plan, as well as a coach, so that both edges are to work together.

In this way, consulted on the treatment chosen by Adele, the leader in sport and power spoke about the steps that should be taken into account when you decide to start a change of image is accompanied by plans for specialized and physical exercise. She also stressed some warnings before the speed or instantaneousness of certain treatments to drop weight.

Explained Rossi: “All diets ‘miraculous’ which exclude basic foods from the food pyramid are bad and do not last in time. What one has to look for is to change habits, to take conscience of what is good for our body, as well as what makes it bad. I can assure you that with a diet plan certain, with the that you can eat everything, without going hungry or bad times; that is to say, with a broad regime but healthy, without excesses, and a good plan of periodic training and constant, not only will you lose weight, but that will also change your life style. In this way, it is probably more slow, boring or slow, but the positive is that it will be forever. There is that respect for the body”.