The series in Spain will arrive without dubbing into Spanish by the crisis of the coronavirus


In the debate between dubbing or original version with subtitles this time for extraordinary measures win the second. Due to the extent of isolation by the coronavirus, the dubbing studios have closed their doors to keep as safe as possible for their workers.

The Union of voice Actors of Madrid (ADOMA) has ceased its work following the health measures indicated by the Community of Madrid: “Due to the state of alarm, announced by the Government, the employers’ AEDMA and AMAEDYS, along with the union ADOMA, have agreed to suspend the recordings provided in their centers of work until further notice. We adhere to the indications of the health authorities and the Community of Madrid and we recommend that, where possible, to remain at home. We’ll keep you informed of any new developments. A lot of encouragement”, indicating in their official statement.

  Problems dubbing series premiere 'The Walking Dead'

As a result, several television channels that broadcast american series just after its premiere in the united States have been reported to your customers will only be able to enjoy them with subtitles in Spanish for the moment.

Movistar+ communicates to your customers that continue releasing the series in original version with subtitles in Spanishfor example , for ‘Outlander’ or ‘Better Call Saul’. In Fox Spain happens the same thing and announce that the next chapters of ‘The Walking Dead’ will not have dubbing, but will output as much as possible. In the United States, AMC has announced that the final season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is postponed. HBO Spain responds to the concern of their subscribers: “‘Westworld’ will continue airing every Monday”. The issuance of this series also continues resorting to the subtitles.

The good spirit of the voice actors

The voice actors and actresses see their work committed, and still do everything possible to help curb this epidemic. A group of them has mounted a video with our favorite characters, encouraging us to stay home. Claudio Serrano, voice actor of such characters as Batman or Dean Winchester of ‘Supernatural’, it also encourages its followers to stay home, wash hands and see the series and movies that have outstanding.