The trick of Halloween Ariana Grande is really terrifying – stenterai to recognize it!


31 October 2019

Ariana Grande he has just won the race for the makeup the most accurate and creepy Halloween 2019. The beautiful pop star has shared his disturbing make-up on Instagram and barely we were able to recognize it, the face is completely transformed!

Good Halloween“she wrote in the caption of a black and white video, where at the end comes a scary first plan of its face of a pig. In the background the famous abbreviation of the tv series the ’60s The Twilight Zone – in Italy, we know how to To the borders of reality.

As explained by Ariana in the caption of the second photo posted on Instagram, her makeup is taken from the classic episode “Eye of the Beholder. The plot: in a hospital alien of the doctors with the face of a pig operate in the face of a human woman. The intent is to transform the face normal of the woman, in those pigs of their planet. The operations fail, and the woman’s face remains human with extreme pain of the protagonist. A man pig with the woman in exile, in a village where “the ugliness of the human” will not disturb the society and where they live other people like her. The man consoles the woman by telling her they will find love in the ghetto because “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This means that even if their company might find it “nasty”, others will find his features attractive.

But as he writes Ariana under the third shot, in his case: “The final procedure was a success“.

So, not only a Halloween costume, Ariana seems to have disguised from the biggest obsession with contemporary: one of the the standard of beauty is unrealistic and impossible to achieve, which very often generate monsters.

Oh, by the way, on Friday, 1 November will be released the soundtrack the new movie of the saga Charlie’s Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks, starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott. In addition to singing on many tracks, Ariana Grande it is also the co-executive producer of the soundtrack. Hereyou can hear a taste of the soundtrack!

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