The Uniko rebels and launches a strong topic called “The freedom has no price”


The reguetonero cubano The Uniko has taken advantage of this hard stage that is live because of the health crisis that has led to the spread of coronavirus to raise the voice on behalf of all their fellow citizens of the island who daily have to face innumerable difficulties and shortcomings.

Luis Alberto Almanza Gonzalez, real name of the singer of urban music, has left with the mouth open to more of a fan after having launched on their YouTube channel Freedom has no pricea strong theme that is revealed and she sings to the government of Cuba.

In the simple, The Uniko complaint several of the adversities that we face the cubans, from the lack of freedom to the scarcity of food and school supplies for the children, or how difficult it is for parents to get products of the first necessity to the day-to-day of their children.

“The situation is extreme, there is the innocent in all prisons serving a sentence. But it is the fault of the president, of the criminals that walk in the guise of leaders. We are killing ourselves slowly, and it is assumed that we are the race more intelligent”, “Surrounded by false prophets and cowards that in order to understand use machine guns. A girl is illiterate, because daddy doesn’t have money pa’ to buy books. The walls are full of cracks and the industries millions killing the planet”, are some of the stanzas that make up the resounding lyrics of the song of the reguetonero.

To accompany Freedom has no pricethis time The Uniko chose to use a cover symbolic of a woman that represents freedom with the blindfolded and holding a flag of Cuba flies in your hand.

So far, the song the reguetonero has done no more than to accumulate positive feedback and support from fans. Many of them have joined his cause and have called for the freedom of Cuba and of all cubans on the island.

“How great you are kid, that’s why you are where you are a thousand blessings to you. Never down the head, never”, “So to speak, Viva Cuba Libre,” “Without words, tremendous theme and tremendous lyrics and a great message. Thanks Uniko for never to stay a crook and always defend yours, I wish all were like you for that part. Blessings and much more success in your career”, “I don’t see the time that my country is free, thanks for the support” or “Wow, always, I will continue saying that you are the king, that the amount of truths you say in that song”, are some of the reactions that it has provoked Freedom has no price.