Things that happen in the quarantine: it Unusual that he lived Justin Bieber!


Justin Bieber and the women, two phrases that usually when they are together mean controversial, and this was no exception: in the midst of isolation by Coronavirus, the singer suffered an embarrassing episode to show to a fan naked through his Instagram.

The teen idol joined the platform of photos to interact with fans and take requests for video of people through IG Live, but her surprise was even greater when after accepting a request to join your transmission, a fan appeared without clothes in front of thousands of spectators.

When he began the shared video, the woman seemed to be casually lying on her back, but realizing that Justin had accepted her video request, she quickly walked away, hiding from the camera and without answering the questions of the interpreter of “Sorry” that remained calm at all times.

“This is weird… anyway a pleasure to meet you”said Biebs carefree before cutting the connection of the video with the amateur.

The moment was so fleeting that not many of them understood what had happened, but a few hours after the internet was filled with jokes and comments about the incident that insurance to Hailey Baldwin did not seem at all funny.