TV Azteca: Javier Alatorre is mistaken in vivo and the networks shatter


Javier Alatorre has managed to take up the trends of social networks to commit a terrible mistake in full transmission of its newsletter, which has led to internet users to turn him in teased through funny memes that circulate on the Internet.

In the days before and during the broadcast of his famous newsletter through the sign of TV Aztecathe famous journalist decided to advise the viewing public about the importance of hand washing to avoid getting sick of the coronavirus but no one expected that Javier Alatorre I had a tremendous error that, to date, the internet users do not have been able to forgive.

Everything was going well, the famous journalist explained within the program that the washing of hands to protect us from the coronavirus that is plaguing our country but it all turned to laughter when Javier Alatorre mentioned on national television that it is important to use water and ham instead of soap.

TV Azteca: Javier Alatorre is mistaken in vivo and networks what is broken.

Error of Javier Alatorre mad on social networks

The error of Javier Alatorres soon viralizarse in social networks, as netizens began to make memes about the failure of the journalist and there were even those who criticized it, since they ensure that the journalist has a long career in television as so that you have these contradictions within his program.

Everything seems to indicate that the users of the social networks have taken the humor of the bug that Javier Alatorre has had within your program, therefore it can not be denied that the journalist has an incredible reputation inside the middle of the show that has allowed him to be the front-of-Fact News for 26 years.

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TV Azteca: Javier Alatorre is mistaken in vivo and networks what is broken.

This is not the first time that Javier Alatorres turns into a trend of social networks, because time ago he was criticized for appearing on the television without the mustache which so characterizes it and on another occasion it was the protagonists of several memes by their incredible resemblance to Nicolas Maduro, the current president of Venezuela.

Photos: TV Azteca