Users humiliate Kimberly Flores for return to the program, “Today” (VIDEO)


Kimberly Flores, caused a stir in the social networks have made it back to the program “Today”because, as you may remember from some weeks ago the girl fitness joined the morning to share their workout routines.

But apparently the internet users, they have not been caused grace that the wife of the singer of “La Trakalosa de Monterrey”, go to the issue of a program of Televisa, so you do not miss the chance to humiliate her.

The girl fitness shared a workout routine to motivate the girls, because due to the virus Covid-19, the wife of Edwin Moon has been in quarantine, but the disease is not an impediment to display your section.

Kimberly Flowers, like every Wednesday, unveiled their workout routines, and from the comfort of your house shared to the program “Today” to some activities so you do not lose the opportunity to exercise, and show off a hot body enviable in this quarantine.

Users make fun of the girl fitness

Although the forceful comments were not made to wait on the part of internet users, as it lashed out against the tv presenter; users mentioned that the wife of the Moon, needs more knowledge to give classes for fitness, while others criticataron the surgeries that has been carried out.

Internet users in the same way mentioned that he has a body very strange, while their loyal fans defended the girl fitness and mentioned that it looks very beautiful when you show your exercise routine.

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Remember that Kimberly Flowers when she began to participate in the program “Today”, was overshadowed by some beautiful actresses in the world of the show, because the beauty of Maribel Guardia and Erika Buenfil left look ridiculous to the girl fitness.

Photo: Instagram.