Venga la Alegría welcomes new conductor with attacks and insults from the fans


Come the Joy received Carmen Muñoz as his new host, but the fans of the program TV Azteca he was not given a warm welcome, on the contrary, was attacked on social networks.

Venga la Alegría welcomes new conductor with attacks and insults from the fans

The Instagram of Carmen Munoz

Carmen Muñoz received several attack during the segment “Tuitazos of ” Venga la Alegría”, where fans and viewers of the program TV Azteca shared their views about the program and the driver.

The also host of “Enamorándonos”, Carmen Muñoz, tried to take with good humour the rejection of the public, in addition preferred to focus on the spectators who enjoyed his income to Come the Joy.

The response from Carmen Muñoz before the criticism was “threatening” to be 14 straight hours up in the air with Come on the Joy of TV Azteca, in what was supposedly a joke without resentment to the viewers.

“Is that in my house I don’t want to, then I have to come to work, I am very happy here, I yes me the step-well do you not?, What do you think if now I’m with you double it? It 14 hours of Carmen!”, said Carmen Muñoz.

Carmen Munoz in ” Venga la Alegría

Carmen Muñoz joined the cast of drivers Comes the Joy, after that Patricio Borghetti gave positive COVID-19, which caused him and other drivers of the program of TV Azteca were replaced temporarily to prevent infection.

The arrival of Carmen Muñoz, as a replacement for the drivers original of Come the Joy, caused several viewers of the program of TV Azteca the accuse of wanting to move to Laura G in the program.

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“Oh no, Laurita! You know that you have your place here… I don’t get as patroncita or anything like that, I drive and talk which is what I like to do,” said Carmen Munoz in his first broadcast of “Venga la Alegría”.