VERY SPECIAL – Jorge Aravena and Carlos Montilla gathered in an unpublished photograph


Jorge Aravena reappeared on social networks to publicize where you are and with whom, since it was up Los Angeles and until he found Carlos Montilla.

The venezuelan actor Jorge Aravena he had recently denounced through his ditch on Instagram who were using their personal data to defraud several people, something that he was extremely worried. However, it seems that this is behind us because the criollo was a trip to Los Angeles, California, United States where it is found with the also actor Carlos Montilla and they came together in a photograph to return crazy to the followers.

“Hello! Some got right to where I was traveling. By here I’m on #the walking around, and I met up with my good buddy @carlosmontilla1 who had several years without seeing. I send many kisses and I will I will tell that it is going to be my life, or that I want to make her and/or her”, he said.

In the image that reached almost 8 thousand likesthe followers of both were unable to avoid leaving your comments. “Still very handsome”, “Pride”, “Carlos montilla my dear macuto”and most comments like these were the ones that reigned in the publication.

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