VIDEO: strong discussion of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who finished with a slam


The fans are convinced that the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwinto them, you’re in crisis!

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It seems that the problems between Justin and Hailey have begun, because despite the fact that on several occasions the singer has defended his love for the model, it is becoming viral in a video that shows that Justin and Hailey had a heated fight.

In the clip you see Justin’s super annoying while it was low in the truck in which he was traveling with his wife, what the problem?, the singer almost slams the door in the face of Hailey and it goes without expect it. The model is low behind him and looks angry.

The fans are convinced that the marriage between Hailey and Justin is no good, and only a year of married have begun to arise strong differences between them that could lead them to the separation.

What do you guys think?, do you believe that the discussion between Justin and Hailey was would it be?, or will a simple fight as a married couple with a simple solution?

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