“We are Survivors”. Isabel Pantoja tries to avoid


March 27, 2020
(14:43 CET)

Isabel Pantoja is very worried by the situation that the country is currently experiencing. The renowned vocalist is confined in Singer with his mother, Doña Ana, who wants to protect, and with his brother, Agustín. The family Pantoja had planned one of the year’s events, the wedding of Anabel Pantoja. However these have decided to celebrate it later on by the coronavirus, who has postponed a multitude of events. You prefer to be cautious. Right now the most important thing is the health of your family members.

Anabel Pantoja is confined to the side of your partner in the Canary islands. The partner of Save me, he decided to move to the islands to start a new life in common with the surfer professional. That is where he was caught in the alarm state. As the rest of collaborators of Save me, the niece of the singer connected with the program through Skype. The stress of his wedding I was very overwhelmed and one of the most affected was his partner. The own Anabel confessed that they were going to be separated before marriage “because what I have fried.”

The spaniards are already two weeks locked in her house and they start to get very long days, more when they know they are missing still two more weeks. Omar Sanchez, the pair of Anabel Pantoja has decided to make a round of questions and answers in their social networks.

omar sanchez 1Among all the questions they wanted to know if the young man would go to Survivors. “A difficult decision… But yes, it would be a personal challenge enough”reveals, to the surprise of many. Omar Sanchez has always preserved its intimacy and has never granted an interview to any programme of Telecinco. Without a doubt it would be a character 10 and Telecinco would be very interested in his signing for the next season.

Omar Sanchez