“We think seeking calm another name


The popular singers of cuban urban music Jacob Forever and The Pimp have opted to unite their forces and try again the formula of the musical collaboration by “the good” of the genre.

As was announced by the own Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, real name of the interpreter Until dry the maleconthrough a publication that you made in your profile’s official Instagram.

“The Immortal” shared an image that appears at the side of Abel Diaz, or simply The Pimp, belonging to the video clip of your topic Prosperous in common along with The Kamel and next to it wrote the following message explaining the reasons why they had decided to work together with other artists.

“My people, we are committed to the union, for the sake of our music,” were his first words.

Next, he said that the idea is not summed up in only working with The Pimpbut that they had plans to find more voices to join their project: “we Think better to search with calm another name that you try this yourself, unión musical”.

Jacob Forever, invited all his followers to help choose the singers urban they’d like to collaborate with them and asked for written both by private as well as in your publications for them to give her some proposals.

“We’re going to be waiting for you our supporters that we write for private to choose another name for the EP. The same in their comments, send in ideas, you our audience will choose the name and this is the same way we do not offend anyone, because we are not the best in anything, we only do music, the better you are. Thank you,” he added.

The Pimp and Jacob Forever can already be considered veterans in this collaboration, because on more than one occasion they have met on some other project of this kind that has tasted success.

Prosperous, for example, is one of the examples that demonstrate that in union there is strength, and that the fusion of styles and voices, when done well, they work seamlessly. The official music video for the song has 2.4 million views on the YouTube channel of Jacob Forever.

Both reggaeton also feature other hits such as the remix of Thinking of you, in which also participated Jackal, Micha, El Uniko and The Kamel. The audiovisual accumulated almost two million views.

To this list also links the theme Hopefully that will go well, in which The Pimp and Jacob Forever joined The Pocho and whose material has been managing to get up to date to nine million hits.