WHAT IS TATTOOED OR IT IS FALSE? –The photography of Osmariel Villalobos that impacted all of his followers


Osmariel he thought about his followers about whether he was tattooed or plan to do so by a photograph.

The tv presenter and former beauty queen in venezuela, Osmariel Villalobosis more active than ever in their social networks, commenting on each one of the steps that it gives its followers, in addition to hang so many pictures on Instagram where it looks incredibly beautiful and through which usually provide messages and inspirational to all his fans. This time, however, published a picture where he created some intrigue among its millions of followers since appears with three tattoos on different areas of your body.

It is not known for certain if it is a test for tattooing or the art of hennahowever, the internet users began to draw their own conclusions within hours of the publication where the tv host wrote: “Like them???? I loved”.

“You don’t need a tattoo, perhaps you have seen a Ferrari with bumper stickers” it was one of the comments further highlighted in the publication.

The singer Renny also left a thought on this photo by typing “Much too much” referring to the images that are drawn on the skin of the host.

Likewise, there were those who commented that it is very noticeable that they are fake.

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