Yanet Garcia returns to Televisa and thus reacted to their fans (VIDEO)


It’s crazy! Yanet Garcia the beautiful presenter and girl fitness, surprised the fans of the program “Today” of Televisabecause apparently the driver went back to his section of workout routines, leaving excited about the knights.

The sultry host returned to surprise their millions of fans, because after several months of absence in the morning produced by Magda Rodriguez, the celebrity of Instagram returned to the program with a surprise.

During the section “Get Fit” always have to several famous guests, and on this occasion, the production decided to make a link with the beautiful former “Girl from the weather”; the instructor shared his training routine with a dog.

Accompanied by her furry little Mamacita, Yasmin Garcia shared to the fans of the program “Today” the activities that you can do from the comfort of their houses, so to avoid getting sick from the virus Covid-19, the girl fitness revealed what he does in his home.

The former “Girl of the weather,” returns to Televisa

Andrea Escalona along with Lambda García, gave the welcome to the beautiful hostess, who showed the natural, for there was not even a drop of makeup in order to make their exercise routines in a full program of Televisa.

The presenter Yanet Garcia left very excited about his fans, since he was performing the exercise routines, wearing some tight leggings in the style of the Tigress, then to the famous mexican model, she likes to exercise with athletic wear very comfortable and sexy.

The girl fitness returns to the program 'Today' Picture: Instagram

The girl fitness returns to the program “Today” Picture: Instagram

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We recall that the former “Girl of the weather” began to achieve popularity in the television show off a stunning physique, since due to their attributes they stole the looks of a variety of media that wanted to interview her to find out what have been their secrets to wear a huge rear.

Photo: Instagram.