You can be a carrier without having symptoms and there lies the danger


The cuban singer of urban music Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, better known by all within the showbiz as a Jacob Forever, has launched an alert message on your social networks after the troubling threatened to health posed by the coronavirus.

The reguetonero has shared a publication that makes a call to all his followers to please abide by every one of the indications that dictate the health-care institutions to prevent the spread and further spread of the pandemic. Next to a picture of him in his house with his dog, the artist wrote:

“My people, let us be very strong. In these times, it is very important that all your faculties are in place, that your body and mind work and respond according to what we need in the world: strength, joy, responsibility, and sensitivity, that is the most important thing now.”

“The Immortal”, nickname for the that it is also known after its passage by the grouping Gente de Zonahas wanted to applaud all those who have made a case to the security measures health and they have stayed in their homes. For he has been a showing of “conscience and responsibility” to the coronavirus.

“They have made a call to all to stay home. Many of you have done and the discipline that have had is really wonderful. If this amount of consciousness and responsibility is widespread worldwide we will be free from this virus that was doing so much harm”, he added.

Jacob Forever, was also invited all his fans to take care of them and their loved ones and to continue to strengthen their immune systems, mental and spiritual during this time at home.

“Be aware and take care of yourself to take care of your loved ones. You can be a carrier of the virus without having any symptoms, and that is where the danger lies. Avoid its spread staying at home, taking the necessary measures, in compliance with the rules and strengthening our immune systems, mental and spiritual in this time at home,” he said.

Finally, the interpreter It hurts he asked his fans to reflect in order to overcome this difficult moment “as better human beings”, as the more we take averages, “the faster we will get through it”. Also, in his words did not miss the message of “strength” and courage to face the quarantine by the COVID – 19.

“Let’s reflect and let’s get out of this as better human beings. The more we care the better and faster we will get through it. Blessings to the whole world and remember there is a saying that says: “home sweet home” then stay home, the house is a wonderful place. Force my people, I want you,” concluded the singer urban.