“You could see it coming”. Ana War and Aitana (OT) also suffered


March 26, 2020
(12:20 CET)

OT 2020 lived something unheard of in all of its editions. Many said that the issue was going to be cancelled in 2009 because of its low audiences, however they did not expect that to be the fault of the coronavirus. The talent show could not continue in these characteristics. Without an audience, without a jury and without technical equipment. Therefore, producer and chain decided to leave the program in standby and to continue it when you can. That date is a mystery.

This edition has been the least view of the format and its weeks of absence, maybe months, do not help anything to the fans to return to the format. Some forget until of the contestants. Although what is worse is that when they return, will no longer be a few angels who know nothing of the reality. All have returned to their homes to perform the confinement with their families. Are in contact with them, talk with their friends and with their followers on social networks. In addition to read all kinds of news about them. Already know it all.

However, this is causing anxiety and collapse to one of the contestants. Already lived through other artists such as Ana War or Aitana. It is a clash with reality. For the time being confined in the house have not gone through to see that you feel when you stop your fans in the street.

Samantha is who else is giving that talk, if we do not take into account the relationship between Hugo and Eva. The contestant does not assimilate his departure from the Academy and his return to the real world and less with what is happening. Are feeling overwhelmed in your home and more without knowing when you will be able to get on with your life. A dream that cost him a lot of time to get.

Everything was going so well, he fulfilled my dream together with wonderful people and with a team behind you that not what we deserved. Everything was going great, we were locked in the best music academy in the country, our only concerns were singing, composing, the clothes in the dryer and some other drama totally necessary for pleasant stay. And all of a sudden life gives a of its hosts across the face, because of course, life never warns, and never is going to do, she never warns you of anything, you never see this coming. A week ago I was in the academy, eating and waiting to go to the set to rehearse, and today I write this from my home, with a knot in the stomach, because I also have anxiety, I also have a level of uncertainty that I don’t know where to put it, and I comfort myself by thinking that this will not be forever, that it will happen, it will not be tomorrow, nor next week, but it will pass and all we will be together. Because fuck, it’s not normal how much I miss each one of my compis, and all corners of the academy. We will return, And if not exits to the street as much as, NOTHING HAPPENS. ✨✨

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By the time the triunfitos take advantage of this time to keep exercising your voice, compose songs, and make direct for their social networks to stay in touch with your followers.