832 deaths and 8.189 new cases in 24 hours


The Ministry of Health of Spain announced this Saturday that the Friday died 832 people as a result of the coronavirusa new record, and were recorded 8.189 new cases.

In total, the nation ibérica has already registered 5.690 dead and there is 72.248 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Currently 4.575 people are in intensive care, and 12.285 have been cured.

Worries the authorities, a special number of health care workers infected, who are already close to 9,500, an increase of 141% in just four days.

The figure of 832 dead in 24 hours means a record in the number of victims in a single day, up from 769 the previous day.

“The evolution in the deceased indicates that the disease is stabilizing. In some areas of the country could be stabilized that peak,” said Fernando Simon, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Emergencies.

This Saturday, landed a cargo of 1.2 million face masks in the airport of Barajas, in Madrid, and a military plane headed to Shanghai, China, to collect medical supplies.

At the global level, more than 614-thousand people have been infected, according to the Johns Hopkins University, double that for seven days, and there are already more than 28 thousand deaths.

In Italy, on Friday it was announced that died 969 people in the last 24 hours, the highest number in a day. In the Italian case, add 86.498 infected and 9.134 dead as a result of the coronavirus.

Currently, the united States is the country hardest hit in the number of infected, more than 104 thousand, and has more than 1,500 dead.

The House of Representatives of the united States approved on Friday a fiscal stimulus package valued at $ 2.2 trillion (1,98 billion euros, around 10% of GDP), three times more than the brought in 2009 after the outbreak of the financial crisis.